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Don't wait on the Bank to get Declined by a Computer! 

Giving your Business the Boost to GROW!

What sets us apart is our strategic and innovative approach to financing. Our large product suite and our understanding of the importance of practical and cost-effective financing.

Property Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is a short-term cash advance against your proceeds which is then arranged while you wait for the property to be registered.

Medium Term Loans

We can advance funds against property which is unbonded or has a very small bond registered against it. Funds can be used for whatever financial needs you might have.

Invoice Factoring

We have structures in place which makes it possible to free-up your cash flow for projects which you may require finding.

Why Choose Us?

At Genrand, it is our goal to provide a service that is unparalleled in the industry. Often an uncomfortable relationship exists between the borrower and the lending institution and we at Genrand aim to make this path as smooth as possible 

We believe that we are one of the only 2 or 3 companies in South Africa that are able to offer such a large product suite.


Our Partners

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